CS2Bio 2013

19th Feb 2013Conferences and Workshops

The fourth edition of the International Workshop on Interactions between Computer Science and Biology – CS2Bio 2013 – will be held in Florence, Italy, the 6th June 2013, affiliated to DisCoTec’13

Web page: http://cs2bio13.di.unito.it/


Formal Biological Modelling:

  • Formal methods for the representation of biological systems and their dynamics (rewrite systems, process calculi, Petri nets, graph grammars, hybrid systems, etc.)
  • Theoretical links and comparisons between different formal models for the modelling of biological processes
  • Quantitative (probabilistic, timed, stochastic, etc.) languages and calculi
  • Spatial (geometrical, topological) languages and calculi
  • Prediction of biological behaviour from incomplete information
  • Model checking, abstract interpretation, type systems, etc.

Novel Computational Paradigms for Understanding Biological Complex Systems:

  • Quantum information and life sciences
  • Geometry, algebraic and computational topology and biomathematics
  • Information processing and biomedicine
  • Statistical mechanics and biophysics.

Tools and Simulations:

  • Modelling, analysis and simulation tools for systems biology;
  • Emergence of properties in complex biological and medical systems;
  • Tools for parallel, distributed, and multi-resolution simulation;
  • Detailed biological case-studies.

Invited Speakers


The proceedings of the workshop will be published in a volume of the Elsevier ENTCS series.
After the event, papers presented at the workshop will be invited to be furtherly extended and submitted to an open special issue of the journal Theoretical Computer Science.

Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: 26 March 2013
  • Notification of authors: 3 May 2013
  • Workshop: 6 June 2012